Monday, June 6, 2016

Now What?

I have been offline for way too long. You may be wondering what the heck, Why has Tina been keeping all her made up, totally fictional, imaginary escapades to herself?

The answer is simple, I got married last year.

Before that. . .there was the dating, followed, naturally, by childish giddiness and the wearing of proverbial rose colored glasses (until true colors cast new light); then the breaking and making up; repeat. And . . .

Then negotiations laced with noise about positive changes. "Of course I won't drop my clothes on the floor anymore," and "Yes, I'll do my share of the dishes," and "I agree to take the garbage out regularly," spoken with  determination, because when I made those promises they seemed like a good idea at the time.  

Finally, the proposal, which went something like this:

Me:  You know, babe, it's been six months  since we last discussed marriage.

Him:  Yeah, I know. I think the  groundbreaking [over the last 25 years]  has gone well, don't you? Maybe we should progress to the next step: getting the permit.

Me: Ok.

Him: Tomorrow we can take care of that red tape, and get the foundation laid.

Me: Alright-y then, well, should we shake on it?

Him: No need. Later we'll consummate our agreement. [long pause] Babe.

Pretty romantic, huh? Although, I kinda wished he had handed me a dandelion or something.